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  • DEAL: Subway – Buy 6 Cookies Get 6 Cookies Free (27-28 April 12222).
  • DEAL: Subway - Buy 6 Cookies Get 6 Cookies Free ( April ) | frugal feeds;
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Leave a Comment. Load an image. Della May 22, Thank you so much for the work you do! Melba says.

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August 17, at pm. Laurie says. August 18, at am. AB says. December 14, at am. I can only use selsun blue shampoo due to dandruff, have you run across deals on that? Steph says. February 17, at pm. February 18, at am. Amy says. April 27, at pm. I'm not a huge fan of cookies but voted hot since i'll be buying her a bunch of cookies tmrw :. This is not a good deal at all. When they used to be called Cookie Jar, the mini cookies were the size that the standard ones are now. It's a fashion thing. It's currently 'in' to add a superfluous 'for' when dealing with the word 'free'.

What makes me chuckle is that not only is it incorrect and unnecessary, but it even sounds awkward when you say it, and you'd think people would think that it wasn't right, but, nope, society is full of sheep, and one just copies the other. I just don't get it. Why would somebody get ripped off and buy their cookies from Millies when you can get freshly backed soft cookies from Sainsbuy's which taste just as good and are far cheaper.

Salted Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cookies – THE REAL DEAL

The Taste the Different one's are really good. I just think it good marketing and lots of kids are just getting sucked in, like the need to be seen with CK pants on, Haha!!

Gourmet Gifts

For that much I can eat 2 packs a week of Asda smartprice ones for 17 months, and they are surprisingly good for the price. But each to there own. Yeah it's terrible, almost as terrible as all the stupid people that inhabit this country that can't spell the words "disgusting" and "obese" and watch too many Jamie Oliver documentaries. Im a bit of a fattie but I'm happy I was wondering if anyone had any refusals when using this voucher?

  • DEAL: Subway - Buy 6 Cookies Get 6 Cookies Free ( April ) | frugal feeds.
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  • DEAL: Subway – 6 Cookies for $5!

I am planning to write to their headoffice as I went to my local Millies Cookies in Chelmsford, where the franchasie blantantly refused to accept my copies. I printed off the net, as I usually had done before and that branch and many others had never had any problems accepting it.

The manager told me that from the 1st November, Millies Cookies do not accept printed copies from the net anymore and that they only accept the vouchers that they give out when you make a purchase. I would welcome any comments so when I get back to their headoffice, I have some more ammunition. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features.

National Cookie Day - Best Free Food Deals At Insomnia, Great American Cookie, and More

By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree. Posted 10th May Posted 10th May Inside you'll find 12 vouchers, each for a box of 12 cookies. LondonGirl7 9 Get deal Get deal. Gers Is the gift box vouchers only, or does it have cookies in it too?

I give away the ones I get for free on o2 priority cuzzy , that's gross. Posted 29th Mar Posted 29th Mar Gift box contains 12 gift vouchers, each for a box of 12 cookies, so cookies in total.

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ADX2 22 Get deal Get deal. PressPlay Nothing is disappointing about vouchers however it says cookies on the box so the disappointment comes from the false advertising but i guess that concept is unfamiliar to someone as condesending as yourself. ADX2 Maybe Lol cactusbrandy Of course. ADX2 I think they look at winter days in a year Posted 13th Dec Posted 13th Dec The boxes of 12 cookies … Read more. Posted 24th Sep Posted 24th Sep Any one fancy getting for fat for winter well here is your way in 50 cookies while watching some repeat on tv Enjoy. Brrrr cold. Posted 11th Apr Posted 11th Apr Inside you'll find 12 vouchers, eac… Read more.

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Sam 5 Get deal Get deal. Sam Comment Sure a cookie isn't gonna kill you Sam Put one in each persons place at the table. Sam Comment Why would you need a wedding box. I said great for wedding favours. Posted 1st Aug Posted 1st Aug I always get a box when kids go to their friends house, better… Read more. Deal Alerts!